Institute for Advanced Studies

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton, New Jersey, is an independent, postdoctoral research center founded in 1930.

The Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) came looking for help in overhauling their website. They found the UI and UX difficult to maintain, but did not have the expertise to make the corrections they wanted.

To make matters more complex, IAS serves a suite of dozens of websites. Each website coordinates their design, so they all maintain visual consistency.

The theme used to create the UI and UX was fully re-written. To keep consistency across their brand, we sliced out abstract design elements so they could be simply and quickly used anywhere needed. The result is a completely new design architecture and language.

As a result, all stakeholders know how to create new content in a predictable way. Regardless of technical knowledge, they can communicate with technical staff using the new shared design architecture and language.





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Institute for Advanced Study
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Responsive Development

All Green Mountain Design & Development projects are responsive in nature. Over time, more and more people access the web with handheld devices of all sizes. As a result we put the mobile experience at the forefront of our process.

We share the conviction of our founders that such unrestricted deep thinking will change this world, but where and how is always a surprise. -- Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director and Leon Levy Professor